2014 Year End Estate Planning

| December 9, 2014

In a matter of days, we’ll be entering a new year and 2014 will be a part of history. However, it’s still early enough in December for you to consider or update your Florida estate planning before the new year. There are reasons why you should, legally. For instance, some laws change on January 1, […]

Florida Wills: What Are The Basic Requirements for a Valid Will Under Florida Law? – Are You Sure Your Last Will and Testament Will Be Respected by Florida Probate Courts?

| October 10, 2013

Florida law has some basic requirements for a Will to be considered a valid in the State of Florida; without these requirements being met, no Florida probate court judge will admit the Will to probate. This is true no matter how many witnesses come to the judge and explain that the decedent believed the Will […]