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Here in our local Broward County, Florida, probate court proceedings got very crowded as the understandably upset mother and the very beautiful and upset wife of a missing millionaire came before local Probate Judge Mark A. Speiser to duke it out over what to do about the money, the property, the creditors, and all those other financial decisions now that son, husband, and father Guma Aguiar was nowhere to be found.

The Missing Millionaire – Last Seen on His Boat

No one knows what is up with Mr. Aguiar.  It’s a mystery.  Maybe James Patterson or John Grisham could build a more interesting mystery, but they’d be hard-pressed because last we all knew, Florida oil baron Guma Aguiar walked out of his Fort Lauderdale mansion to go fishing.  That’s it.

So what happened in that probate court fight?  Guma had done some estate planning and here’s the rest of the story, so far.